With our busy lives sometimes dedicating time to regular facials can be difficult, even though you know you need the time out! This is why we have created the skin lounge.


Our skin lounge allows you to have a results based treatment when time is of the essence. No need to change into a gown, regular treatment results without the facial fuss, the skin lounge is for you.


Glowing Skin Light Lounge $49 (30min)

Be set up in the skin lounge, while you remove any make up. All the benefits of LED light therapy with headphones available to relax to music or meditations. Packages available


Express Lift $79 (30mins)

Benefit from facial muscle re-education to tone and lift facial muscles.

Recommended as a course of treatments.


Express Clear $79 (35mins)

Skin clearing benefits of High Frequency technology followed by light therapy for acne busting plus skin healing, and relax with music or meditations.

Recommended as a course of treatments.