2017 Skincare Resolutions

Already 13 days in and new years resolutions are in full swing for many, yet how about giving a little attention to your skin health this year. So often overlooked our skin is not just our largest organ but also what we show to the world on a daily basis and can change the way we feel about ourselves and improve our confidence levels.

Here are my tips on getting skin glowing and looking it's best.

1. Sun Protection: Sun damage is the number 1 factor in skin aging. UV depletes skin of antioxidants causing skin cells to alter and not function properly, just like a cut apple goes brown, oxidation and aging will begin. Broad Spectrum SPF Sunscreen is needed everyday no matter what you are doing.

2. Water: a little Christmas gift to myself was a cute plastic cup with lid and spiral straw, a total $3 purchase has increased my water intake in a matter of weeks, no bottle to tip up and the lid saves on spills. Find a way that works for you to increase daily water intake, try herbal teas or fruit piecing in a water jug with lots of ice.

3. Sleep: we have all heard it before after a late night and every one is commenting how tired we look because our skin literally gives it away. Our bodies need sleep and if we are lacking it our skin will always always be the first organ to suffer.

4. Daily Routines: No matter how often you see your facialist, if your not following the home-care routine set out for you then you just wont see the complete results and benefits. 60 - 80% of your results come from what you do at home, so following the plan set by your facialist is essential.

5. Well-being: Looking after your well-being, mind and body will have amazing benefits for your own happiness, which will show in your skin health. Stress less, look after you and stop to take some deep breaths and relax, do things that make your soul happy.

Keep your skin glowing in 2017! Happy New Year

x Melissa

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