Discovering Dermaviduals

Those who know me from Glow Beauty Therapy often comment on my skin and how do I get it so nice with no real worries. What some of you will know and what some don’t know is that from the age of about 11 till about 22 I really struggled with severe cystic and persistent acne. Bless my 2 wonderful parents who had passed this ‘lovely’ gean to myself and all my siblings. Over the years I had tried everything on my skin and medically to help the problem, and the chances are if my clients have tried it I had tried it throughout this time. For me some of these treatments had severe side effects that I still live with today, but most people looking at my skin now would have no idea what my skin has been through.

A large reason as to why I went into beauty therapy in my early 20’s was because of my understanding of and compassion for those suffering from various skin problems. It is truly a horrible yet character building experience to have to show your skin to the world every day, even when you don’t feel comfortable in that same skin.

Over the last 2 years or so I was set on a little experiment. That experiment was to find a 2nd skincare line to complement our existing lines at GLOW, but this time something that would step up in what I could offer others to really see further skin results. I was able to get my clients skins to a certain level but I wanted more for them and what we could achieve for their skin.

Over 12+ years in beauty therapy I had gotten my skin to a pretty good place, no major issues, a few minor hormonal and stress breakouts and my skin was generally pretty good, especially from where it had come from. This is where the experiment came in, for about 12 months I did what many people tell me they do when I ask them about their skincare, yes you guessed it, I used everything and anything and sometimes nothing at all. I trialed everything the skin reps sent me to determine results, see if things did what they said they would and just to find the true skincare I was looking for.

During this time I would say my skin wasn’t great, it was dull; people were always saying I looked tired (and maybe I was), there were a few reactions and overall my skin didn’t cope well when I had breakouts and they took forever to heal, yes after a year of this my skin was suffering and I still hadn’t found anything that was going to offer more for my own skin and for that of my clients.

At this point I really just though what I was offering my clients so far was as good as I was going to be able to get for them, which was great but as I said before I was sure there was more out there without having to go through to the point of lasers and IPL skin rejuvenation treatments. To put it simply I was on the hunt for true advanced skin CARE. So I persisted and continued my search, by the time I found what I was looking for I was at the point of second guessing myself as it if this was really it and so came 6 months of talks, testing and training, but today I am happy to say that yes I have finally found my complementing skincare line in Dermaviduals.

Now came the hard part, the training for this new skin CARE and for the complementing Corneotherapy training. It is challenging and made me question my knowledge and at times it has been so hard I was in tears after training, but this was exactly the type to training and skin care I was after. I love that I have renewed skincare passion and can take clients to the next level in their skin journey. As they say though, the proof is in the pudding or in the skin world the photos. So I am baring my skin for you all to see where I’m at after about 16 weeks of my new skin program.

Before: After: 16 weeks of dermaviduals

Impaired Barrier Function Using Cleanser, Lotion and Day + Night Cream

resulting in redness, blotchy, inflammation Improved skin texture, oil flow regulated (reduced pores), inflammation subsided.

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