Relax in our completely private pedicure room where it is just you and your therapist. Treat your back to a massage in our massage chair while soaking tired feet in our hygienic soak bowls. Our therapists work wonders on sore tired feet, lower legs and toes. Remember open toe shoes or thongs for perfect post pedicure polish.



Essentials Pedicure

Foot soak, cuticle work, nail cut / file /buff, heel rasp, foot scrub, hydrating foot cream.

With polish (45mins)

With gel polish (60mins)


Linen+Stone Pedicure

Foot soak + hot stone therapy, nail + cuticle work, heel rasp + exfoliation, detox linen foot wrap with lower leg and foot massage.

With polish  (60mins)

With gel polish (75mins)


Recommended Add on with your pedicure

Glowing Skin Light Lounge  (20mins)



Gel polish toes, including soak off (45mins)

Foot Soak and Toe Nail Cut/File/ Buff  (10mins)

Foot Soak, Cuticle work + Toe nail cut/file/buff +Polish  (20mins)